CEO Message from McGREGOR New York 1921

CEO Message from McGREGOR New York 1921


– より安全な距離を保とう –


“Take it back by sense of solidarity”




CEO Message from McGREGOR New York 1921

Who could have expected that the most harsh calamity ever from WWⅡ distress our days. Only a few months ago, most of humanity did not know what COVID-19 was, now the motto

`social-distancing` and `stay-at-home` took place of `make the country great again` and `Exit from community`. We, McGREGOR who has just a century history from 1921 over conflicts and growths have a little wisdom and proud to survive.

Should you come to think of us being neared by rectangles as cell, commuters, office, currencies while our bodies and souls still curvaceous, flexible and creative, now is the time we talk and write, read and think, dream and care: people, nature and future.

We, McGREGOR, stay for coming century with this wonderful universe.


McGREGOR New York 1921 CEOメッセージ